Ted’s first home barber experience


Papa’s brother-in-law gave us a little hair cutter that his mother used to own and we immediately put it to use on Ted.

His previous (and first) haircut cost us $22 and we were not keen to spend that on a regular basis (that’s the kiasu thrifty mum in me speaking).

So we set out to give his hair a good trim. It looked easy enough at the barber’s but it was not easy for amateurs like us. It took us a good half an hour which involved a lot of trying to keep him distracted from squirming too much as well as going over the same areas repeatedly because there were some stubborn tufts that refused to be cut.

When we were finally done (or rather,  gave up) we had a smart looking baby,  albeit with some tufts still sticking out from behind his ears and some longer strands around the nape of his neck. I do say this guy’s ready for the Chinese New Year!

This little baby goes to spa!


We brought the baby out to Baby Spa for the second time and it was a much more enjoyable session than the first time!

He spent a good 20 minutes with the float around his neck before get started getting fussy and we had to put him on the sitting float.

We also signed up for a package of ten sessions as Ted seems to enjoy the water. I hope this continues 🙂

This little baby loves his spinach


I’ve discovered that Ted is able to express his food preferences. If he doesn’t like the taste, he will scrunch up his face and let the food dribble out from his mouth. If he loves it and wants more, he will yell and protest when you take too long to bring the next spoonful to his mouth.

He does the same for the toys he likes. He cries when we try to take away a toy he is playing with.

Foods I’ve discovered he loves:

1. Banana
2. Blueberries
3. Chicken broth porridge
3. Spinach blended with rice

Ted’s Day Out


One day, this little mummy decided to bring Ted on an outing with mummy’s little cousins.

It was a daunting task, involving a baby and 2 kids so mummy decided to enlist the help of Grandma K, who happily obliged.

The takeaway for the day – always research the nursing / baby changing rooms before bringing the baby anywhere.

We brought the baby out to the new mall Katong I12 and for a mall that has plenty of baby clothes shops and a paediatric clinic, the baby changing station was rather pathetic. There are no nursing rooms in the entire mall, and the baby changing station is a sad little extension on the wall of the handicapped toilet.

We had 2 diaper changes during the visit to the mall and BOTH times we had to seek out the toilet on another floor because the toilet on that floor was occupied. 😦

This little baby has very sharp teeth


I’m always looking for ways to distract the little guy while I run some errands – put the clothes out to wash, pick up the toys, cook his porridge, chomp down a quick lunch, the list goes on.

One thing I realise works – are the teething rusks they make for babies 6 months and over. They’re hard as steel (almost broke this little mummy’s old and feeble teeth) but the little baby seems to love them.

I put one on his little table, and once I hear the gnawing of his two little teeth against the rusk, I SCOOT off to enjoy the 5 minutes of quiet I’ve finally managed to wean from him.

This little baby’s first baby spa


We finally brought the little baby to his first baby spa session.

At 7 months old, the ladies there told us he was a tad old to be starting the swim. They usually encourage people to start their babies at about a month old because apparently at that age they still remember how it felt to be in the womb and will take more easily to the water.

Ted was indeed very unhappy with the float that was secured around his neck. He struggled for a bit with the float before crying for help. We had to switch him to a sitting float which he seemed to enjoy a lot. Before we took him out of the water we let him try the neck float again but met with more protests.

We’ll be back to try the baby spa again because we really want him to get used to the water. Hopefully he’ll take better to it next time!

Baby Spa link

Ted’s First Christmas


This is from last Christmas but I thought I would share this nice photo of Ted with his Grandpa Z.

Ted’s first Christmas was spent at the sister-in-law’s place. We had ham, pizza, soup, Chinese steamboat and a rich chocolatey fruit cake with rum.

Ted wasn’t able to enjoy any of the food this year (he’s still on mushy baby food) but we’re hoping next year he’ll be able to enjoy adult food with us 🙂

Although his Grandma Z did shove a little rum cake into Ted’s mouth amidst my protests. I’m recording this as Ted’s first official introduction to alcohol!


Happy New Year!

I thought I would start the new year with a brand new blog. This will, I forsee, be about my little adventures as a full time working mum, and my little baby’s new adventures.

Cheers to the new year and to more cute babies~!