This little baby does not like doughnuts


Ted always has his own ideas about how to play with the toys we buy him, and it’s fascinating, sometimes alarming for us to find out how he will interpret a toy we buy him.

For instance, he thinks tissue from a tissue box is food, old slippers that Grandma Z wears are fascinating and the tv remote is the only object in the living room that can make him attempt the climb up the big sofa to reach for.

Most recently, we got him a stack of plastic doughnuts which can be stacked onto a plastic pole base. We haven’t been able to get him interested in the doughnuts but he would shake away doughnuts and get chewing on the lime green pole base.

Baby Spa again!



We’ve been to the Baby Spa 4 times now, and the experience has been varied.

Last week, Ted was very unhappy with the neck float. I thought it might have been too tight and asked for one a size larger but the Chinese lady at the centre assured me this was just the right size and he would be swallowing water if we went any bigger.

I went with it as I thought she knew better. But I found out later she didn’t really know what she was talking about.

This week, another lady was in charge and gave me a large float right from the start. Ted thoroughly enjoyed himself! He was kicking his way around the tub this way and that and even made a few escape attempts at the side of the tub.

Grandma K came along to watch for the first time and she enjoyed it too! We all took turns to pass Ted little toys and to encourage him to swim towards either of us.

I was a little miffed that their jacuzzi function has been spoilt for 3 weeks in a row now (hello?! Without the jacuzzi function I might as well bring him to a regular pool right?). But anyhow, as long as the little guy enjoys himself 🙂