Baby Class


Ted has recently started classes at a rather popular school (the waiting list is at least 3 months), and while the classes were rather enjoyable, I wasn’t too pleased with the teacher’s command of English.

When she means to say “look for”, she says “find for”. And since she’s always asking the babies to look for one thing or another, she says that a lot.

Her pronunciation is also not always clear and she fumbles when she has to say certain words very quickly (for instance, when flashing flash cards).

Given that the classes are really costly (the annual fees are more than half the tuition fees at a local university), I expected the classes to be conducted at a much higher level. The teacher is by no means a poor teacher, and she very likely speaks much better than the average Singaporean, but I don’t find the fees justified.

It’s likely that Ted won’t be attending classes at this school from next semester. šŸ˜¦

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