This little baby goes to the Botanical Gardens


It was Ted’s birthday, not just the official family celebration day, but the actual day he turned ONE.

We thought it would be nice to take a couple of days off to celebrate his very special day as well as his newfound ability to walk.

On this morning, we went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. šŸ™‚

It was a very sunny morning but we came prepared – we had a mini fan installed on the stroller for the little boy’s comfort. Mini fans are a must have for all Singapore mothers! A hot, bothered toddler is not easy to please.

Ted had a little nap while we had a quiet morning stroll amongst the lush greenery while munching on a little croissant. When he woke up, we tried to encourage him to take a little stroll but he would walk only a few steps before stopping to pick up a stray leaf (still a favourite of his) or pick at a mini crack on the ground.

We ended up carrying him most of the way, stopping only occasionally at some shaded spots to let him do a little ground exploration.

As we were about to make our way home, Ted discovered the fish food dispenser machine. Our attempts to pull him away from the machine were met with frustrated yells and some mini feet stamping. We also discovered a statue of Singa, the recently retired courtesy lion just beside the machine, and despite our repeated attempts to get him interested in it (both Papa and I found it a lot more interesting than the fish food machine), he paid no attention to the big friendly orange lion.

I’m never sure what gets him excited. He tends to finds interest in the most unexpected objects!

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