This little baby goes to Fidgets!


Also, as part of his birthday celebrations, we decided to bring the little guy to an indoor playground where he could have fun walking/crawling/climbing where he wanted without us having to pull him away from the sharp edge of the table or stop him from trying to leap over the sofa.

Basically we wanted to give him plenty of space to run free on his birthday.

We decided on Fidgets and we were very very happy with what we saw and experienced.

Prior to going, I had done some mini research. I was going to settle for the one really near where we stay, and I had even called them, asking about the charges. It was free entry for babies under 1 (adults have to pay $2 each), and $12 for babies over 1. I asked if they could let Ted in for free since we were intending to celebrate his birthday there but they said there was no way they could concede.

Later, however, as we had other plans in the morning, our afternoon plans did not have to be restricted to being near our place. I did more Internet research and decided on Fidgets. I did not call them as their price list was very clear on their website, and I went there, fully intending to pay for entry. However, at registration, when I mentioned that Ted was just turning 1 and that it was his birthday, the staff decided to let us all in for free! We didn’t have to negotiate or anything, they were just easy like that. 🙂 Which totally made our day.

Not that $10 would have made a lot of difference to our lives, but it made us happy nevertheless. And we also never stopped talking about it to our friends who have babies. Customer service really does make a difference and it can certainly bring you more and repeat customers. Sorry, indoor playground near my place, but I will much rather be spending my money at happy friendly places.

Which Fidgets certainly is for little babies below 3. There is a dedicated area for children below 3 years old just next to the cafe, and although you cannot really control if bigger kids want to run amok there, it’s general a safe little play area for your toddler to crawl or walk about. There is also a little area where your toddlers can choose from a small selection of baby vehicles to scoot around on.

Although the foam mats in the play area were a little worn, and the place was not as big and new as some others, it was plenty of new fun for one year old boy. If I had to pay the full $10 (which allows you entry for the full day) I would say it’s worth the money. Bigger kids have to pay a little more, and there is another gigantic play area with mazes and such for these kids which we did not explore. They all looked like a lot of fun and I was very tempted to explore it for myself.

The toilets are also designed with babies in mind. There are mini toilet bowls for the babies to poop on and just outside the cubicles in the ladies’ is a little playpen where you can deposit your toddler for a few minutes if you have to.

But of course, you wouldn’t need that if you have this:


Poor Ted couldn’t figure out how to to free himself from the beanbag and we had to save him when he started getting grouchy about it.


Address: 200 Turf Club Road, 03-10 The Grandstand, Singapore 287994
Cost for unlimited play in a day:
Under 1: free 🙂
1-2: $10
2-12: $19

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