This little baby went to Takashimaya


When we venture out to a shopping centre, I tend to take note of a few main points – namely:

1) Accessibility to the MRT (if we are not driving)
2) Baby changing room facilities
3) Baby-friendly facilities
4) Availability of baby shopping items

Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City is one of my favourite places to go, not only because it fits all my criteria above, it also helps that I have a credit card with them that gives me some pretty good discounts 🙂

I usually try to do my shopping on weekdays, but the weekend crowd doesn’t bother me much as long as I don’t bring along a stroller. It can be difficult to get around with a stroller because I notice that it is close to impossible to get into the lifts in the Orchard area, especially on weekends. I have a comfortable little baby carrier that I bring along with me almost everywhere and it’s convenient enough for me to handle the baby alone if I have to.

One of the reasons I like shopping centres is because of the relatively clean and even ground. Ted is still not yet an expert walker and he still tends to sit down every several steps or so, with complete disregard of his location or terrain. He especially likes it when he finds a little corner or wall to cosy himself up to.

It’s cute when he does that but it’s not an easy task to encourage him to move away once he’s settled on a spot. >_<

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