Why You Should Not Buy Your Masks Online

There’s an article that has been circulating about how to identify the authenticity of an N95 mask which appears to be the recommended type of mask for protection against the recent haze that has driven Singapore into a state of panic.

I was lucky – my company distributed 5 N95 masks to each employee, which is far more that all the companies I’ve heard about.

However, this was hardly enough for me to share with my family members, none of whom had had the chance to get their hands on ANY masks before the haze shot into the hazardous zone and drove Singaporeans into a frenzy of mask and air purifier buying,

In my attempt to get my hands on additional masks for my family, I encounter some unscrupulous sellers (and still did not manage to buy any proper N95 masks).

I don’t care to describe the experiences I had but this article will certainly make me a more savvy mask shopper from now on.


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