An octopus loving 2-year old

One of the things I would never have imagined feeding my 2 year old would be an octopus.

But that is part of the wonders of being a mother. You are constantly amazed by the things they do and say (and eat).

We had made our way to The Grandstand for lunch, mainly because it promises ample parking and lots of lunch choices on a busy public holiday that was a Monday. While browsing the food options, we chanced upon 2 giant pans (which must have been 1m in diameter each) over which a heavily perspiring chef was cooking an enormous amount of paella.

We pointed it out enthusiastically to Ted and on a whim proceeded to purchase a box.


The paella came in a nice brown box with matching brown spoons.

The first thing I tried to do was to try to identify the items in the box to Ted.

“Ted, this is an octopus, this is a prawn…”

Before I could go on, Ted had already reached out for the octopus with his spoon. He struggled with it for a few moments before deciding that he would use his hands.


I watched him carefully to make sure he was chewing it into small pieces before swallowing them. (Octopuses are hard and chewy and if it wasn’t something he had picked up and refused to let go, I would typically not feed him something of this texture.)

He seemed to be enjoying his meal.

He liked the rice even though he claimed it was a little spicy, but most of all, he was going at the octopus.


It is not often that food that can maintain his interest for more than a few mouthfuls so although we are not big fans of seafood paella, I foresee ourselves coming back to this stall for the same dish.