Hansel and Gretel

We decided that it was time to start getting Ted interested in the arts and randomly signed up for a play. When I say random, it means I happened to be waiting for my takeaway meal right outside a sistic counter and I bought 3 tickets or a play on a pamphlet i randomly picked up because I thought Ted might enjoy it.



The tickets were inexpensive at only $20 each. There is only one category of tickets and because we only bought them a couple of days before the show, we did not get the best seats.



It was my first time to the Aliwal Arts Centre and the place was surprisingly small, although I should have expected it, judging from the ticket size and the seating plan. The seats were really just plastic chairs arranged in rows with printed number labels stuck on.

The next time I’m here I’ll remember to choose the front seats even if they are at the side. The hall is so small that it doesn’t really matter how far from the centre you sit.


Ted was more excited before the play than during it. We thought it was a great idea that they gave out those animal cutouts because it helped to entertain the little children before the play started.



The play/musical itself was rather boring as the stage was small so there was really no chance for a change of setting or clothes. To be fair, the target age group was 3 years to the early teens and the 3 of us fell outside that range. The storyline was a little too difficult for a 2 year old to grasp and Ted kept asking us “What is that?” when random animal puppets appeared on the stage.

It was a short play that lasted only 35 minutes which I think is ideal for the age group they are targeting. It was also good for us because I think Ted was starting to get restless and we (the adults) were starting to get bored.

I think for a $20 per ticket production, it was pretty good and to be honest I only wanted to test out Ted’s interest in watching stage productions. I do believe he’s ready for bigger and better ones 🙂

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