Toddler in a Restaurant: A for Arbite

After watching Hansel and Gretel, we chanced past this little restaurant located at 28 Aliwal Street. We decided to pop in for lunch.

With Ted in tow, we try to avoid spicy food, food cooked with wine and meats that might be tough to chew. That usually narrows down the options we have on the menu quite significantly.

There is a kids’ menu with the usual kids’ favourites such as tomato-based pasta, nuggets and fries. We didn’t want to order a dish just for him because half the time, the entire dish goes to waste.

This was Papa entertaining the little boy with the paper critters we got from the play we watched earlier while I perused the menu.




We decided to go for the Duck Confit and the Pan Seared Seabass.

The duck confit came with 2 large slices of baked pumkin and the duck meat was tender. These days, I judge food by how much of it Ted consumes and in this case, Ted had a lot of the duck, which means I am very likely to come back here.




Ted picked up a piece of vegetable and then decided that it was too much trouble to chew.


The pan seared seabass was surprisingly good. Fish tends to be boring and the only reason we ordered it was because we wanted to have a variety of choices between meat, fish and vegetables. Ted had both slices of fish almost all to himself. He kept asking for more, which was a big bonus for us.

The gravy was not salty and came with plenty of vegetables, which Ted also enjoyed.


I ordered for myself the summer pear nectar which tasted like pear blended with a little bit of honey. The texture was smooth and I really enjoyed it. The waitress was not able to tell me exactly what went into it and I decided not to offer it to Ted.


All in all, I think Ted rather enjoyed the experience. Not only did he finish an adult portion of fish, he also got to play with some lego bricks that the staff offers to children while they wait for their food to be served.


~ * ~ * ~ Toddler Experience Rating ~ * ~ * ~

Ambience: Casual, not noisy
Food: Tasty, Ted polished up a full adult portion
Recommended order for toddlers: Pan Seared Seabass – plenty of vegetables!
Children’s set menu: The usual tomato-based pasta, nuggets, fries
Extras: Toys such as puzzles and lego are offered to children awaiting their food

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