Toddler in a Restaurant: Pasta De Waraku

After our little trip to KK Hospital, we hopped onto a shuttle bus that brought us to Novena Square. We settled for Pasta De Waraku, which was conveniently located on the first floor of the Novena Square 2. It was a weekday afternoon and they had some lunch time promotion going on.

The manager directed us to a table but was slow in bringing us the baby chair so Ted helped himself.

For someone who had complained of pain in his right arm just half an hour ago, he did pretty well in dragging the chair out.


I ordered the corn and tuna pasta, thinking it sounded like a good combination of fish and some kind of vegetable for the baby. It was unfortunately, dry and very salty. I ended up eating most of it myself.



This was the mentaiko tofu. Ted loves tofu and can usually finish this sort of portion all by himself but this time he only had 1/4 of it. I wasn’t sure if mentaiko was a good meal option for a 2-year old and did not offer him any.


I also pampered myself with a little side dish of sliced pork belly in Vietnamese sauce. It was the “National Day Special” at only $5.90 and the manager was marketing it strongly to the table next to us. It happened that they were also the only other patrons in the restaurant.

The pork was dry and charred and the sauce very salty. I believe they were trying to sell the tastiness of the sauce. It was tasty, no doubt, and if drizzled sparingly, it would have made a good accompaniment to nicely grilled pork belly.


Ted was still using only his left hand to eat and hold items and it was fun to watch him eat. Every now and then he would look at his right hand, as if contemplating if he should use it, and then decide to use his left hand instead. He ate very little, although he did most of the eating himself. The waiter serving our table was very impressed and came over to ask me his age.


I think Ted must have been really tired after our very long day. He felt asleep at the table and the staff were kind enough to let him lay on the couch and sleep for about 45 minutes before I woke him up to take him home.

It wasn’t a good meal experience at all, and I probably would never bring Ted back. I probably should have guessed from the fact that we were the very first patrons at about 12 pm, which is the busy lunch period, and that very few people came in after us. The staff were friendly, though, but nobody visits a restaurant just because of good service.


~ * ~ * ~ Toddler Experience Rating ~ * ~ * ~

Ambience: Casual, not noisy
Food: Salty, dry, Ted only had a little spaghetti
Recommended order for toddlers: If you really have to.. perhaps something from the kids menu
Children’s set menu: The usual tomato-based pasta
Extras: Staff was very friendly

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