Mid Autumn Lights at Chinatown

It is easy to get caught in the rut of daily life and forget to appreciate the little happiness and beautiful things that are happening around us. One day last week, I heard my colleagues discussing this year’s Chinatown decorations for the mid autumn festival (中秋节) and the reviews were pretty good. I immediately sent my husband a message and asked if he would like to bring Ted there.

Never mind that we had leftover dinner from the night before to finish, never mind that the floor at home is covered in toys and never mind the piles of dirty laundry that had to be washed. Once in a while (and sometimes every day for a while), we will decide to leave everything behind and go and do something a little different.


The lights were really prettier than what you can see from the pictures, and there were many passers-by who would stop for a picture here and there.


We walked along the road where the decorations were lit up, and made our way to a little overhead bridge.


From the bridge, you can look down and see the entire street of lights from above. It was really pretty and I think Ted rather liked it.


We would have taken a longer stroll, but unfortunately, it started drizzling and we were forced to make our way home. The little street of shops was also bustling with activity and there were many shops selling colourful lanterns, traditional ones and electronic ones alike.



Sometimes I feel really happy that Ted is all grown up, and his meal options are not limited to pureed vegetables and porridge. On a whim, we can just decide to go somewhere for dinner after work and then take a nice family stroll together.


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