Toddler in a Restaurant: Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆

We had a date with Papa’s extended family, and we decided to visit Mouth Restaurant(地茂馆)at China Square.

Aunt C placed the orders since she was the connoisseur of the family. In general, the food was really tasty, especially the fried fish and the spring rolls in the centre of the table. My only gripe was that there wasn’t a good enough selection for little toddlers, as the food, being mainly dim sum, tends to be oily, and most of the dishes contain prawn, which kids commonly have allergic reaction to.

We ordered a sliced fish porridge for Ted, but porridge isn’t the type of food that will keep a toddler interested for long.



The fried tofu was good and Ted had several pieces of it.


He even had some meat from this sweet and sour pig’s trotter dish and said he liked it.




He was intrigued by the rainbow har gao and although he picked out the yellow (pumpkin-flavoured) one, it seemed that he didn’t like the taste of it.



I think what really mattered at the end of the day, was that Ted enjoyed time with his extended family.





~ * ~ * ~ Toddler Experience Rating ~ * ~ * ~

Ambience: Noisy, many big families chattering away
Food: Tasty for adults, a little too oily and heavy for children
Recommended order for toddlers: Tofu dishes, porridge
Children’s set menu: None. They’re going to have to eat what the adults eat

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