Toddler in a Restaurant: Spruce

We were hungry, we were in the Orchard Road area at 11 am, and Spruce came to mind.

There’s free and ample parking, even on a Saturday morning.

Apparently most people who come here make advance reservations, but luckily, they had a table for us on the inside. It seems that most other patrons prefer dining alfresco.



Everything on the menu looked so good! You really can’t go wrong with eggs.



This is the Spruce Eggs Benny. The eggs were as good as poached eggs can get and the hollandaise sauce went perfectly with them. The bacon was done just nice and the vegetables fresh. What nailed the dish for me, however, were the waffles. They were soft and sweet, good enough just to have by themselves.



This was the Spruce British Brekkie which was also a very satisfying meal. The beans had a mild taste of honey.


It was a bit of a wait for breakfast on this busy morning and Ted was trying to grab at the various things he spotted on the table.


When the food finally arrived, Ted really enjoyed it. We broke the toast into little pieces for him and he used them to soak up the egg yolk that oozed out of poached eggs. I have no idea where he learnt that.


All in all, it is a great place with excellent toddler friendly food. It is however, not very accessible if you do not drive and strollers have to be parked at the entrance.


~ * ~ * ~ Toddler Experience Rating ~ * ~ * ~

Ambience: Casual, not noisy
Food: Great for adults and toddlers alike
Recommended order for toddlers: Any dish containing eggs, waffles or toast of all of the above
Children’s set menu: The usual tomato-based pasta, sausages

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