Grandma’s 80th

For my grandma’s 80th birthday, the extended family decided to get together for a big birthday celebration. Just like her previous milestone birthday celebrations, it had to be a traditional chinese restaurant with a private room and karaoke.

It was decided that we would go to Spring Court (詠春园) which is Singapore’s oldest family run restaurant and whose dishes had generated many rave reviews.

We secured ourselves a cosy private area on the fifth floor, which was dedicated to our 3 tables and had a large karaoke screen with a loud karaoke set for us to make a nuisance of ourselves. There were dedicated attendants for our area who provided excellent service and attended to our many requests for drinks, cutlery, cakes and karaoke system service amid the cacophony of 30 joyous voices chattering and singing away.

The food was excellent.

As it’s grandma’s birthday, it’s traditional to start with the 寿桃 (longevity buns). It was soft with a sweet creamy lotus paste filling. Ted loved it so much he had two at a go.

It was followed by a cold platter.

Any meal that starts with a cold platter has to be good.

Next up was the (or at least, my) highlight of the day, which was the roast pig.

The crust was perfectly done – crispy without being too oily.

Ted kept clamouring for more. We let him have 3 large pieces of the skin.


After we were done with the skin, the attendants took the rest of the pig away and cut the meat up into bite size pieces to be served as another dish. The meat was juciy and tasty – loved it! I’ve already decided that I’m definitely coming back for more roast pig on the next big occasion.

Another dish I really enjoyed was the 霸王鸡. I am not usually a fan of chicken at chinese restaurants as they tend to end up either too dry or too bland. This was done nicely, and served with a side of salt and pepper seasoning.

We also had fish, as is traditional of any Chinese multi course dinner.


We ended the dinner with a lovely durian cake from Emicakes.


But perhaps what was most enjoyable was the joy of a large extended family gathering, where everyone chit chatted, laugh and sang noisily to their hearts’ content, where everyone caught up on the latest happenings with one another.



We were really glad that Ted got a chance to interact with many extended members of his family. The food was good and the company was better. We would definitely go back again for the awesome roast pig!

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