What’s that hiding inside?

Today, I pointed to a picture of a peacock and said, “This is a peacock.”

Ted must have thought I was referring to the feathers because he replied with a big grin, “What’s that hiding inside? A goose!”

Big Words

Ted is really starting to talk and it amazes us how much he is learning. We have to be really careful about what we say around him now. Even his teachers are surprised by how much he understands and they tell us that sometimes they switch to speaking in Cantonese so that he doesn’t pick up what they are discussing.

Just yesterday in the car…

Me: *singing the chorus of a song* Chan Mali Chan Hoi Hoi, Chan Mali Chan..
Ted: Mama, can you start from the beginning?

We were surprised he knew the word “beginning”.

Last week at home…

Me: Ted, what are you doing?
Ted: I am biting the pillow. Then I will confiscate it.

I confiscate all the things that he puts into his mouth that he’s not supposed to.

And not too long ago…

Me: Ted, can you sit on this giraffe? *point to lego giraffe I just built*
Ted: No, I’m too young. I’m 2 years old.

The vocabulary and logic of a 2 year old!

No like curry

Me: Do you like apples?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like bananas?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like broccolis?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like rice?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like soup?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like milk?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like bread?
Ted: Yes.
Me: Do you like curry?
Ted: No!

He likes everything except curry.