Visiting 外婆家

Meal times at 外婆家 is especially fun for Ted because 外婆 would always make sure that there is plenty of variety. All the dishes put out on the table (even for adults) are toddler friendly. Vegetables are chopped finely, and soup is cooked with plenty of vegetables. There is almost always steamed fish on the table, and at least a few different cut fruits or fruit juices on the menu.

Recently, 外婆 found a new way to partition out the variety of foods she has prepared. Apparently the usual toddler plates with 3 different partitions aren’t good enough for her. She recycled a candy box which had 6 partitions, and Ted’s meals are now a lot more fun!



In the picture below, Ted had rice, fish, carrots, potatoes, home-cooked hokkien noodles (my mum makes awesome tasty healthy hokkien noodles!) and the lean part of roasted pork belly.



It’s really awesome being a toddler at 外婆家.


A Bad Hair Day

Some days, Ted decides to go all punk on me.

He may decide to spit out his food, and smear it on every surface he can access, be it chair or human.



He may then decide to adjust his hairstyle and set it with rice.


And then he may decide to give a loud Tarzan war cry.



He will then give another loud roar to let you know that he is the man of men.



And then he will dig his nose calmly as you prepare his bath.


Balloon Fun


These pictures were from a few days after Ted’s birthday. Aluminum foil balloons are really hardy – they can stay afloat for 2 weeks, although by the end of 2 weeks they will look very miserable and no longer float all the way to the ceiling.

It worked for us though, because in the second week, the balloons were floating about the house at a height that was very accessible to Ted. He had plenty of fun chasing the balloon all over the place as the fan blew it around and be would break into little squeals of delight when we finally managed to pounce on the balloon.

Of course, the poor balloons got very battered and worn from the way Ted grabbed at them but we didn’t mind because he was having so much fun and was getting so much utility out of them.

The best part? These balloons are reusable. I just have to bring them back to any balloon shop and they can fill the back up for me for a small fee. 🙂 Fun!