Visiting 外婆家

Meal times at 外婆家 is especially fun for Ted because 外婆 would always make sure that there is plenty of variety. All the dishes put out on the table (even for adults) are toddler friendly. Vegetables are chopped finely, and soup is cooked with plenty of vegetables. There is almost always steamed fish on the table, and at least a few different cut fruits or fruit juices on the menu.

Recently, 外婆 found a new way to partition out the variety of foods she has prepared. Apparently the usual toddler plates with 3 different partitions aren’t good enough for her. She recycled a candy box which had 6 partitions, and Ted’s meals are now a lot more fun!



In the picture below, Ted had rice, fish, carrots, potatoes, home-cooked hokkien noodles (my mum makes awesome tasty healthy hokkien noodles!) and the lean part of roasted pork belly.



It’s really awesome being a toddler at 外婆家.


Diaper land

My diaper collection:


Well, it’s not exactly a collection and it’ll probably be depleted in a couple of months but it’s still a startling quantity to have at home.

In fact I startled my sister when I asked her to order 8 boxes when her company had a one time promotion. She happily agreed, thinking she could store them under her desk until I was ready to collect them.

And then they arrived on two large trolleys at her desk. 🙂

Ted’s first home barber experience


Papa’s brother-in-law gave us a little hair cutter that his mother used to own and we immediately put it to use on Ted.

His previous (and first) haircut cost us $22 and we were not keen to spend that on a regular basis (that’s the kiasu thrifty mum in me speaking).

So we set out to give his hair a good trim. It looked easy enough at the barber’s but it was not easy for amateurs like us. It took us a good half an hour which involved a lot of trying to keep him distracted from squirming too much as well as going over the same areas repeatedly because there were some stubborn tufts that refused to be cut.

When we were finally done (or rather,  gave up) we had a smart looking baby,  albeit with some tufts still sticking out from behind his ears and some longer strands around the nape of his neck. I do say this guy’s ready for the Chinese New Year!