7 years

It has been a long time since I last visited this page, and a good 7 years that I’ve paid to maintain this page without using it much. When I started this page, I meant to keep a log of my memories with my children, so that they may one day grow up to read this and relive their childhood days through my point of view.

It seems that I have failed in this regard, because other than an incomplete photo log of some sporadic events some years back, I have not been maintaining a consistent log of my experiences and lessons learnt as a mother, as well as a visual log of the children’s growing up years.

It is difficult to strike a balance between wanting to maintain a publicly accessible repository of events in my life (that I may not have to worry about losing access to the records) as well as maintaining a reasonable level of privacy.

In any case, I’ve officially tipped into the second half of my 30s and begun my journey into middle age. In the last 10 years, I’ve been caught up in a myriad of things starting from trying to get my work life in order and then trying to figure out motherhood. I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out but I think I’ve at least reached a reasonable equilibrium of satisfaction. It’s time for me to slow down, reflect, and spend more time penning down some of these thoughts that I may look back one day and tell how much I have progressed (or not).


This guy….

(4.5 years old)

Sometimes when mama is a little bit upset, she refers to Ted as “this guy”.

Mama: When papa is back, I’m going to tell him how rude you are. I’m going to say “this guy has been rude, let’s not….”

Ted: Is it you don’t know my name?

Mama: What do you mean?

Ted: Why did you say “this guy “?

A Baby Love Bird

Grandfather P came into possession of a 3 month old baby bird and it was delivered in a small little cage. It was decided that we should get a larger cage for the little one and perhaps a little companion for it so that it doesn’t get lonely.


We made our way to this little bird shop we knew of.


This was the little cage that the bird came in.


This is the sparkling new cage Grandpa P purchased. He had wanted to purchase a companion bird but the shop owner said that it is not possible to tell the gender of the bird we currently own as it is still too young. Their gender becomes known at around 1 year of age and he recommends that we go back 9 months later to confirm the gender and then get it a companion of the opposite gender.

And so it is that we went back with just a bright pink cage and some bird seed.


It was really enjoying its spacious new cage.


Ted was really intrigued by it because it was the first time he had seen a bird up close. He was a little shy at first but eventually curiosity got the better of him and he waddled up for a closer look.


Visiting the National Stadium

The National Stadium was open to the public on National Day weekend and we decided to go and have a look. It looked smaller on the inside than I imagined it would be, having driven pastย the Stadium so many times on the road.

I loved the fact that the seats were red and white.





There were big signs declaring Singapore’s 49th National Day all around.



There is also a small mall (Kallang Wave Mall) right beside the Stadium. We took a short walk inside and it was just like a regular neighbourhood mall with mid-range restaurants and fashion shops. There was also a large FairPriceXtra on the first floor, which was probably the only kind of shop a mother like me would patronise.

Look at us, all dressed in red for the day ๐Ÿ™‚