Baby Spa again!



We’ve been to the Baby Spa 4 times now, and the experience has been varied.

Last week, Ted was very unhappy with the neck float. I thought it might have been too tight and asked for one a size larger but the Chinese lady at the centre assured me this was just the right size and he would be swallowing water if we went any bigger.

I went with it as I thought she knew better. But I found out later she didn’t really know what she was talking about.

This week, another lady was in charge and gave me a large float right from the start. Ted thoroughly enjoyed himself! He was kicking his way around the tub this way and that and even made a few escape attempts at the side of the tub.

Grandma K came along to watch for the first time and she enjoyed it too! We all took turns to pass Ted little toys and to encourage him to swim towards either of us.

I was a little miffed that their jacuzzi function has been spoilt for 3 weeks in a row now (hello?! Without the jacuzzi function I might as well bring him to a regular pool right?). But anyhow, as long as the little guy enjoys himself 🙂

This little baby goes to spa!


We brought the baby out to Baby Spa for the second time and it was a much more enjoyable session than the first time!

He spent a good 20 minutes with the float around his neck before get started getting fussy and we had to put him on the sitting float.

We also signed up for a package of ten sessions as Ted seems to enjoy the water. I hope this continues 🙂

This little baby’s first baby spa


We finally brought the little baby to his first baby spa session.

At 7 months old, the ladies there told us he was a tad old to be starting the swim. They usually encourage people to start their babies at about a month old because apparently at that age they still remember how it felt to be in the womb and will take more easily to the water.

Ted was indeed very unhappy with the float that was secured around his neck. He struggled for a bit with the float before crying for help. We had to switch him to a sitting float which he seemed to enjoy a lot. Before we took him out of the water we let him try the neck float again but met with more protests.

We’ll be back to try the baby spa again because we really want him to get used to the water. Hopefully he’ll take better to it next time!

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