Taipei, Taiwan 2014 – Choosing a baby and toddler friendly hotel

It’s Ted’s first trip overseas (and my first one since I was pregnant with him) and although we were terribly excited, we were also extremely nervous about whether he would adjust easily to the new environment.

To make it easier for him, we chose a country where the food and culture are somewhat similar and choose to go at a time when the weather wasn’t too cold. Taiwan in October is excellent because it’s just like being in an air conditioned environment all day. An extra jacket in the backpack would do very well for the evenings or nights.

Some things we considered when selecting a hotel for our little baby / toddler:

1) Location

We expected to take the metro rather often so we chose one that was close to a central metro station. Of course, we could get around by taxi everyday but taking the metro is part of the holiday experience when visiting a foreign country. Also, we wanted to be able to show Ted the view of the city from the trains.

We also chose a hotel near a central metro station and on a metro line we expected to be travelling on often to minimise travelling time. Children tend to get restless on long commutes.

Choosing a hotel that is easily accessible from the airport is also a big plus. You could always take a taxi but if you happen to stay in a hotel that is along the airport shuttle bus route, that’s a cheap and convenient way of getting to your hotel and back.

2) Breakfast selection

The hotel we chose had to have a good breakfast selection. You can probably scan through the Agoda reviews to see if any guests commented on the excellent breakfast spread or take our word for it that Sunworld Dynasty Hotel had a great breakfast variety.

This is important because toddlers can be picky eaters and you want to make sure your entire party, including the little toddler / baby is well fed for the long day of sightseeing ahead. A hungry toddler is a grouchy toddler.

Also, we’ve been to Taiwan twice and our experience is that Taiwanese breakfast options are generally heavy and oily and not especially suitable for  children.

3) Large, clean hotel

We’ve stayed in hotels which claimed to be 3 stars but the room smelt musky and smokey. We chose a renowned business hotel that we knew would be comfortable for our stay there.

We selected a executive VIP room (we are typically very frugal when we travel as a couple but went on a little splurge this time for the baby) which offered us fruits from their executive lounge throughout the day. This allowed us to pick up some fruits from the lounge in the morning for our day out or at night for supper. We found that the bananas and apples that we took from the lounge every morning served us very well to keep Ted happy while we were waiting or queuing for activities.

4) Same hotel for the entire stay

We wanted to minimise travelling as we had 2 huge luggage bags and a stroller to lug around and made sure we booked with a large hotel that could spare us a room for 7 nights. We could have booked with a smaller hotel but unfortunately we started scouting for hotels only 1 month before our trip and none of the smaller hotels had any room that was available for 7 days in a row. This is also important because we did plenty of shopping, and not having to change hotels during our trip made it very convenient for me to do plenty of shopping and pack only on the day before we left for home 🙂

All in all, we were rather pleased with the hotel that we stayed in and the service was also excellent. If we were to go back to Taipei again, this would definitely be on my list for consideration again.

Chwee Kueh for Breakfast

On some mornings, you just feel like having a good hearty traditional breakfast.



8 pieces of freshly steamed rice cakes covered in a generous serving of salty oily cai po.



We offered Ted a little, from the side which is not drenched in oil and which is not tainted by the cai po. We have started to let Ted enjoy the food that adults eat so that he won’t feel left out.

Ted immediately exclaimed, “I like it!” I think it’s the first time I’ve heard him offer his opinion on his liking for a particular food so readily.



He’s a real foodie!


Toddler in a Restaurant: Spruce

We were hungry, we were in the Orchard Road area at 11 am, and Spruce came to mind.

There’s free and ample parking, even on a Saturday morning.

Apparently most people who come here make advance reservations, but luckily, they had a table for us on the inside. It seems that most other patrons prefer dining alfresco.



Everything on the menu looked so good! You really can’t go wrong with eggs.



This is the Spruce Eggs Benny. The eggs were as good as poached eggs can get and the hollandaise sauce went perfectly with them. The bacon was done just nice and the vegetables fresh. What nailed the dish for me, however, were the waffles. They were soft and sweet, good enough just to have by themselves.



This was the Spruce British Brekkie which was also a very satisfying meal. The beans had a mild taste of honey.


It was a bit of a wait for breakfast on this busy morning and Ted was trying to grab at the various things he spotted on the table.


When the food finally arrived, Ted really enjoyed it. We broke the toast into little pieces for him and he used them to soak up the egg yolk that oozed out of poached eggs. I have no idea where he learnt that.


All in all, it is a great place with excellent toddler friendly food. It is however, not very accessible if you do not drive and strollers have to be parked at the entrance.


~ * ~ * ~ Toddler Experience Rating ~ * ~ * ~

Ambience: Casual, not noisy
Food: Great for adults and toddlers alike
Recommended order for toddlers: Any dish containing eggs, waffles or toast of all of the above
Children’s set menu: The usual tomato-based pasta, sausages