This little baby goes to the zoo


As part of a multi-day birthday celebration for the little baby, we decided to bring him to the zoo!

It was Ted’s first visit to the zoo, and because we thought it would be a long day, we brought along a stroller, a lot of baby snacks and accessories as well as a grandparent. Grandma K had taken a day off from work just to celebrate the little guy’s birthday with him and was very excited to be part of Ted’d first excursion to the zoo.

Thankfully, the weather was great – the morning wasn’t too hot and although we thought it might rain, it did not. The weather was nice enough for Ted to take a 1.5 hour nap while we explored the place by ourselves. We had brought along our helper as she had never been to the zoo and we introduced to her the history of Ah Meng our famous orang utan among other animals.

Ted finally woke up at the Giant Tortoise enclosure because there were two huge tortoises mating and making a whole racket about it.


I never even knew tortoises made sounds, but apparently the male ones do, and very loud sounds they make too. Loud enough to wake a sleeping baby who slept through a few crowds of noisy primary school students running about the zoo.

Anyway, since Ted was awake, we detoured back to a few of the more interesting enclosures and pointed out animals such as the giraffe, the zebra and the lion to him. It was certainly much more fun than just pointing to animal pictures and saying their names.

Ted looked surprised at most of the animals we pointed out – it was probably his first time seeing big live walking animals other than humans.

We also managed to squeeze in some time to see the Splish Splash show where the seals gave a great performance that Ted enjoyed over a banana.

All in all, it was a great experience for us. I love the open concept of the zoo and love that we can see the animals roaming in their (almost) natural habitat. I love being able to point out random animals and describe what they are doing to Ted. If the tickets weren’t so expensive ($22 per entry per adult), I would most certainly like to make it a regular visit.

This little baby goes to the East Coast Park


We decided to take Ted out for a walk at East Coast Park one Sunday as he had recently started to walk. The fresh air was excellent and Papa and I both had ourselves a hearty meal at Carl’s Junior while waiting for the sun to dip under the treetops before we started our little exercise.

Ted could only walk a few steps at a time before collapsing to the ground and he had not yet started to be excited about things beyond his immediate vicinity.

He was particularly fascinated with the fallen leaves. He would pick one up, then another one, and when he found a third leaf, he would stack the first two on top of that third one.

There weren’t very very many leaves on the footpath we were walking on, just one every several steps for a little toddler (my gosh, he IS a toddler now), and it was absolutely hilarious when at one point he fumbled his way to the edge of the footpath and discovered, much to his surprise that there was an entire treasure trove of fallen leaves tucked just below the edge of the footpath.

He immediately leaned over and pointed excitedly to the leaves, all the while going “Ooooh! Ooooh! Oooh!” Papa and I couldn’t help but bend over laughing at this adorable spectacle.

We must have spent an hour and a half there, although with all the distractions along the way (Ted was also fascinated by the bins in the park, which happened to painted bright colours), we did not make it far past our starting point.

It was, nevertheless a good exercise for us and for him and we will most certainly be back for more leaf collecting when he’s a little more expert in his walking. 🙂